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The sunshine kids foundation

From the onset the sunshine kids foundation has always met the needs of children by providing basic necessities for free. The focus of the sunshine kids foundation has always been to put a smile on the faces of children by education and entertainment fused with charity. We have always been supported by individuals and corporate bodies alike and this has really facilitated our vision of happy children at all cost.
When you decide to contribute a child you give them a hope for a better future. Your commitment gives a child confidence in knowing that someone across the world loves, cares and prays for them. nothing is too little, your donation can do alot to cloth feed and put smiles on the face of the wanting child on the streets of Africa.


Contributions to child welfares

We recieve contributions that goes a long way to help kids in thier daily needs such  as food, clothing and even footwears. A little support from you can really improve the day to day life of these children.


Reaching out to orphans and homeless children

We have special gifting packages for homeles and orphaned children. We assist them with healthcare facilities and monthly support for their basic needs.


Scholarships and child empowerments Programs

Africa is losing many great minds  due to lack of empowerment and  encouragement, we try as  much as in our power to help and nuture young minds, encouraging them to get  better and impact the world postively.